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I’m quite late getting this post up, for various camera repair and website revamping reasons, so Happy (belated) Birthday Glossybox UK! Over the last year I’ve watched Glossybox cement it’s place in the beauty box market and become an ambassador for them. I know there is always drama surrounding the ambassador scheme, and I’m not sure if it’s because people think we get paid or what, but, well…basically we don’t! What it essentially boils down to is getting your box ahead of everyone else, with the aim of letting you try the products first so that when you put your post together you can not only share what you got in the box but also your thoughts on the items in it. You do get free boxes, but so do many other bloggers who aren’t ambassadors, it’s the same with all the other box services, they have a quota of press samples to give away. I have received flowers and a personalised diary from Glossybox as gifts over the months of being an ambassador, and that’s really all it boils down to. I just wanted to clear it up a little, I haven’t had anyone say anything to me directly but my twitter feed is often full of misconceptions and comments amongst bloggers, so there we have it! Shall we get into how I feel about the box now? Okay.

Here’s what I got:

Noble Isle Shower Gel (Summer Rising) – I know, I know, another shower gel! Like I’ve said before though I use these for the gym and travel so I don’t actually mind getting these too much but on the other hand, a shower gel is a shower gel and although it’s nice to try fancier ones I would never spend £20+ on repurchasing one. I’d much rather the shower gel space be reserved for other items that I might go on to purchase if I liked them.

Apvita Express Beauty Revitalising Face Mask With Orange – This isn’t a brand I’m familiar with but I like trying new skincare so I was excited to see these. This is designed to combat signs of fatigue and smells nice. I don’t look like I’ve slept for a week, but my skin feels moisturised and like it’s had a treat.

Osmo Berber Oil Hair  Treatment with Argan Oil – This contains argan oil, avocado and coconut oil and is a nice travel size. I’m saving this for an overnight stay but it will be a nice deep treatment to do to keep my hair nourished. Quite happy to see this.

Set of 2 Lolita Lempicka Fragrance Samples – Oh Glossybox please don’t keep sending fragrance samples! This is the one thing that I really don’t like getting and I know I’m not the only one. I know the old argument of “I can get this for free” isn’t actually true in most cases, they aren’t as easy to get nowadays, but that’s not actually the reason I don’t like getting them. For me it’s less about the cost and more about the fact that I generally tend to stick to my favourite scent, Stella. Also, apart from sending something like foundation out in a box, fragrance is probably the hardest item you’ll find to please everyone. It’s always risky and my favourite boxes have been ones with no perfume samples. If they come as a bonus, great, but as one of my items I’m not keen. Having said that, these fragrances are pretty nice, it’s more the idea of getting these that does irk me a bit!

Eldora Handmade Lashes (D155) – I think eyelashes are a great thing to get in a box and I’ve previously had Eldora ones in a Carmine box. Now, Glossybox and Carmine merged a little while back, so I was surprised to see this in here really. I’m not sure when I’ll wear these because they have a huge silver glitter strip on them which isn’t really something I would choose, but Eldora as a brand are nice, and I enjoyed the last lashes I used from them. Nice idea, I just wish mine weren’t disco lashes!

Extras – Glossybox Mirror & Balloon – I loved these little extras and have always been impressed with the attention to detail that Glossybox have, their themed boxes and little touches like this make it fun to open so I loved the printed paper and ribbon too. The mirror will come in handy and I had a good game of balloon volleyball with Matt until it met the corner of my coffee table and perished.

Overall I wasn’t entirely thrilled with this box, mainly because I saw what some other people got and would have preferred their contents. I think that is what makes some boxes so hit and miss really, especially when some boxes are totally different. I think Glossybox do a good job of trying to please everyone, it isn’t an easy feat, and I do think people can sometimes expect the earth of a box that they paid £12.95 for which is a little unfair, it’s hard to please a crowd. On the other hand, I don’t think that problem would be half as bad if there wasn’t such a mixed bag when it came to what you received. Skincare items and shade differences aside, a more fixed box would probably mean less disappointment. What do you guys think? I will still enjoy these products, I just wasn’t wowed with this box for my personal tastes. Here’s to next months box!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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