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At the risk of coming over all Game Of Thrones on you – WINTER IS COMING! Whilst it’s tempting to snuggle up and comfort eat in the colder months, homemade soups can be a really good (and inexpensive – students I’m looking at you!) way to make healthy choices. They can be frozen, refrigerated, taken to work or uni in a flask and ┬ámade on a lazy Sunday in advance of a busy week. This one is great because it uses one of my favourite vegetables – the courgette, or zucchini as some of you may know it, and it somehow has a creamy texture without having any cream or even any dairy added. You can whip up a batch in less than an hour from chopping board to bowl so there’s really no need to waste money buying preservative-laden soups if you don’t need to. The beauty of this is not worrying too much about measurements and tweaking it each time until you get the soup of your dreams. Check out the video below for all the info you need and let me know if you want more recipe videos! Don’t forget to subscribe to my health and wellbeing channel here to keep up to date.

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