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It’s not headline news that I have an affinity for skincare and it certainly won’t come as a surprise to anyone that I like to switch things up and try out different products. I’m well aware that an unsuspecting person wandering into my bathroom would be forgiven for thinking several women were shoehorning themselves into my one bedroom flat, but no, it’s home to just one skincare junkie. Recently my skin has been through a bit of a rough patch, and I’m sure most of you feel the same. The change in seasons leaves us going from windy outdoor settings to indoor artificially heated ones and once the clocks go back we definitely don’t get as much vitamin D as we do in the sunnier months, add to that a bout with flu and you have a dehydrated, flaky, red and irritated mess.

Cue the dream team. With the exception of the Origins Make A Difference Plus which is a new one I’m testing (as of today actually!) these are bona fide skincare heroes that have transformed my skin from dull and depressed to pampered and happy.

The Antipodes Juliet Cleanser is an absolute joy of a product. I am hard pressed to find something I hate within the Antipodes lineup, having loved everything I’ve tried and “swatched” (Can you even swatch skincare? You know what I mean) in my local organic food shop when I’m meant to be buying food. This is an odd-looking cleanser that reminds me of iodine in colour (stay with me here) but has a lovely sweet, clean smell and has actually been awarded the honour of being the first gel product I’ve loved ever. I use this either alone or with my Clarisonic Mia in the mornings and it makes my skin feel clean but not stripped. It’s a pleasant experience! It’s jam packed with kiwi extract, hibiscus flower, manuka honey (which has amazing antibacterial and healing properties) and vinanza grape extract which balances the skin, reducing any slightly oily areas without being harsh for drier skins to use.

Next up is the Dr Jart Water Act Skin Mist, which is a bit of a mouthful but hey, that’s what you get when you take a Korean brand and try to give their products a snappy name in English. Dr Jart is famous for their fantastic BB Creams, but their skincare is also worth a try. As you may be aware from this post, I have a somewhat unhealthy relationship with the Caudalie Beauty Elixir and we are “on a break” in true Ross and Rachel style so that I can see what else is out there before I commit for life. Whilst nothing quite does it for me like good old Caudalie does, this is truly lovely. An excellent choice for those of you that aren’t sure about the somewhat pungent aroma of the Caudalie, this is inoffensive, wakes you up, hydrates and gives your skin that little boost it needs. Whilst a spritz or a toner is strictly speaking a step that can be missed, I, like most people use them because it just feels nice. Skincare and the application of it is almost ritualistic, and I don’t feel fully ‘awake’ or ready for my day unless I’ve followed all the steps I like to do, it focuses the mind! This beauty is alcohol-free and is meant to prepare your skin for the serum and moisturiser that follows as well as soothing it. Also handy to keep on your desk if you work in an air-conditioned environment or if you frequently get so bored at your computer that you need waking up midday. You can thank me later.

The YSL Forever Youth Liberator Serum (another mouthful) is a product I was planning on hating. I try to always keep an impartial and open mind when it comes to trying products, but honestly, I never have high hopes for skincare that comes from a makeup company or a fashion house. To me, YSL is decadent fragrance, stunning makeup, and Donatella and I usually turn to pharmacy brands or skin clinics for my power products. I was wrong to overlook this because it’s just so so lovely to use. Yes the name Youth Liberator makes it sound more like an undercover operation to free children than something you should be putting on your face, and yes it comes with a hefty price tag, but I’ve been using this every day under my moisturiser and it’s formula is impeccable to wear in the daytime. It doesn’t make me oily, it doesn’t have too much slip once it’s dried, and yet it makes my makeup glide on beautifully. It contains a formula of 3 glycans and is the result of 100 years of research into skin. Maybe I need to stop being such a skincare purist?

As I mentioned, the Origins moisturiser is a very new addition (but so far is lovely) but before this, I was just using my regular Antipodes SPF if I left the house.

Have you changed your skincare up for winter? What are you loving?

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