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Say the word ‘skincare’ and instantly my eyes widen and pursestrings loosen. I admittedly spend more than I should on lotions and potions to pamper myself and give my skin the boost it needs, but when you’re busy and getting home late it’s all too easy to expect the products to do the hard work whilst you push your body to it’s limits. We all know that feeding your skin from within gives it the best chance to glow, but instead of pushing healthy thoughts to the back of your mind and slathering on vitamin-rich creams when you stumble into bed late at night, why not ditch the potions and fuel your body with skin-boosting nutrition?

I’ve been speaking to nutrition expert Amanda Ursell about how I can eat myself beautiful by consuming fresh fruits and vegetables alongside high quality fresh citrus juices such as orange, or grapefruit. For my skin type and concerns she suggests eating foods rich in red, yellow and orange pigments to help protect my skin from sun damage as well as following a low GI diet to help the acne I sometimes get as a result of my PCOS. There will be a full video on the tailored tips she gave me on my health channel, so make sure you check it out here to see when it goes up, but in the meantime, here are her top tips to eat yourself beautiful:

Potassium is great for regulating water balance, so if you suffer from puffiness, reach for oranges – either whole or packed into a fresh juice, kiwi fruit, mango, papaya and bananas.

Vitamin C is key to your body’s collagen production, healing, strong bones and giving the skin firmness and elasticity, so stock up on oranges, clementines, dark leafy greens and guavas.

Lutein is an antioxidant that has been linked to reducing damage from the sun and improving elasticity, so get your fix from red peppers, spinach and oranges.

Hesperidin is like Vitamin C’s BFF, and they rely on each other to help get the job done, in this case, zapping free radicals. They are abundant in citrus fruits.

Folic Acid is nature’s pick-me-up, and helps reduce tiredness, in turn shifting those eye bags and helping your skin glow. Munch on spinach, beetroot, bananas, oranges and peaches to get through that mid-afternoon slump.

Water gives us much-needed hydration, but we would all be telling fibs if we said it’s easy to get your recommended daily allowance. Although it’s great to get your water intake the traditional way, foods like oranges and melons also have high water content, so getting your intake up doesn’t have to be boring.

How do you feel about eating yourself beautiful? You could potentially save your bank balance and boost your health at the same time – check out my health channel here to see how I get on with Amanda’s tips!

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