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I’m on a real health kick at the moment, and I’m cutting out the refined carbs and swapping them for complex carbs and whole grains. The only problem is, I have a real love affair with pizza. I always make my own from scratch which isn’t as bad a shop-bought options, but those pizza crust calories can really add up and if you’re trying to drop a few pounds like I am, it can be a no-no. I’m not the kind of person that thinks you have to give up what you like to be healthy, everything in life has it’s loopholes and I’ve found the loophole of the pizza world.

Enter the pizza roll! These babies are tasty, fresh, completely customisable and one wrap (if you follow the video) will come in at around 200 calories which means it’s great for lunch along with some sides. Who says you can’t have your cake pizza and eat it?

To make these you will need:

Wraps/tortillas – I used Rye wraps which are thinner. You can use whatever you like but it’s best to stick to brands with as few unrecognisable ingredients as possible!

Tomato Puree

Mozzarella cheese – I recommend using grated for this recipe as it melts quickly in the oven before the tortilla gets too browned. Since going vegan I use non dairy cheese but you can use whatever kind you prefer. 

Veggies – I used a quarter of a bell pepper, half a red onion and two tablespoons of sweetcorn.

Oregano for that authentic pizza taste, chilli flakes (optional) and black pepper to season.

Enjoy, and if you’re interested in more food posts and videos, be sure to subscribe to my vegan/food channel here!


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