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Nothing gets me more excited than a new foundation, except maybe a new foundation that I’ve heard amazing things about. I’ve been a big Urban Decay fan for a long time, even before they hit this side of the pond. Ask my poor Mum, she kindly trawled all over London when we came for a weekend theatre visit because teenage Gemma had read about the brand in a magazine I bought in the states. I’d heard there was one shop that stocked it and had my family all over the capital but we left empty handed. Thankfully now it’s easy to grab! Urban Decay is probably best known for it’s eye products – the amazing primer potion and more recently, their Naked palettes. They are however starting to make waves in other areas, and they are mighty fine waves indeed. The official name of this foundation is Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup. Yep, with a name longer than an heir to the throne this baby seems to be offering a lot so I’m going to break this review into a few sections for you:

First of all, the coverage and texture are lovely. I normally use my Real Techniques Buffing Brush to apply foundations, but I’ve found that the best tool to apply this is the Sigma Flat Angled Kabuki F88 (link here) which leaves a flawless yet natural finish. When I used a less densely packed brush I found that the finish was a little cakey, but this is really down to the tool you use. With my fingers it was better and with the Sigma better still, to the point that it was almost undetectable on my skin. I’ve never really come across a foundation that changed so much depending on the tool you used, so this is something to bear in mind. This is a very comfortable, weightless foundation to wear, it feels like nothing but looks like perfect skin. I’ve used a tiny bit of concealer on any stubborn breakouts and my undereye area but otherwise this is more than enough. It’s very buildable and won’t roll or flake if you try to apply more on top. The finish is a demi-velvet/matte – this won’t leave you looking dewy like a BB Cream or tinted moisturiser would but it also won’t leave you with super matte skin you need to liven up. It’s a realistic finish. I don’t need to powder this at all unless I’m sitting under extremely bright studio lights to film and that isn’t really worth mentioning, even the most mattifying foundation would need powder due to the hotspots the lights create but that’s not real life. I definitely wouldn’t powder it even for a night out/full day of wear. It’s an oil-free formula too which I know is important for a lot of people.

This contains something called Matrixyl 3000 which is a powerful peptide that claims to help with wrinkles, as well as green tea and vitamin E. To be honest, those aren’t the main things I look for in a makeup, but it’s nice to know it contains skin nourishing ingredients. The packaging is great, it has a pump which makes life so much easier, and the clear design means you know how much is left. It appears to be glass but is actually plastic which is great for travel as it’s pretty light. The shade range seems to be great, catering for everything from light to darker skintones. On paper it looks good, but I don’t usually have a hard time looking for shades, so if you are very fair or have a darker complexion, I’d love to hear what you think of the shade range in the comments so that people can refer to that too!

In terms of wear, this easily lasts all day on me despite not being advertised as a long lasting makeup. Personally, long lasting doesn’t always equal amazing, I’d much rather touch up my makeup midday a little but have a foundation that wears away evenly than have a super long lasting finish that looks blotchy by the end of the day. Thankfully this seems to have the best of both worlds! In terms of shade, I use 1.0 or 3.0 depending on my skintone that day and if I have tanned or not and in summer I will probably opt for a darker shade. I personally think this photographs nicely without looking like you have a lot of makeup on. Sorry for the annoying hair in my face in the photo above but I’m a firm believer in not photoshopping my photos so the hair will stay but hopefully you have a better idea of what it really looks like!

I’m a huge fan of this and have worn it every day since I got my hands on it. Have you tried it?

Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation retails for £27 or $38.

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