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I’m sure some of you will already have heard of this mystery scent by Escentric Molecules, a favourite of beauty editors that comes complete with some pretty damn funny reviews to read over your morning coffee. I first smelled this on Anna, in a bit of a “Dayum girl you smell goooood” moment and vowed to check it out for myself. I spritzed myself in Liberty’s perfume department a few times before I decided to bite the bullet and purchase during a rather giddy shopping trip with Fleur, and you can read her review here.

This is the kind of scent that is almost indetectable, but just makes you smell nice. If you smell it on someone chances are you might think it’s their fabric softener or shampoo, the kind of smell that comes from a person rather than being spritzed on. Using only one fragrance molecule (Iso E Super) this smells different on everyone, and it’s effect is mostly invisible to the person wearing it. I’ve experimented with various friends and found peppery, musky and finally a more lavender scent on myself. I’ve had a few compliments whilst wearing this although it’s extremely faint to my nose, and since we all know I’m a Stella girl, I wear this layered underneath to make things interesting. Because it has the tendency to smell like it’s coming from you rather than having been spritzed on, it makes the perfect companion to many scents, although you could wear it alone.

I picked up a small size in Liberty’s but If you don’t live in London fear not, because Cult Beauty stock this bad boy (alongside some jaw-droppingly beautiful products) here.

Have you tried this? What’s your favourite scent to turn heads?

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