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Organic Surge, makers of lovely quality (yet inexpensive) organic bath and body care have a luxurious side. One of my favourite products from their luxury range is the Million Dollar Anywhere Balm, infused with orange and lime essential oils. Now, I’m a sucker for a multi-use product mainly because I’m normally carrying around a handbag with a weight that would make a pro wrestler weep, so anything that saves space and works all round is a winner in my books. I’ve tried lots of these multi-use balms but nothing that smells quite as amazing as this, honestly, you need to give it a whiff! Because this also contains cocoa and shea butters it’s a moisturising powerhouse and can be used on lips, nails, heels, hands, elbows – the list goes on! It also looks beautiful so you’ll feel special whipping this out on the tube and has no nasty ingredients.

The Million Dollar Anywhere Balm is currently half price on their site for £11.50.

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