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You might have noticed on my Instagram  that I was trying out (and was suitably impressed by) a new hair conditioner in December. Tresemme have launched a new range, Platinum Strength, that promises to renew and strengthen damaged and brittle hair. Now, my hair has always been dry, and god knows the heat and bleach I’ve put it through don’t help, so these are a real help. They are silicone-based, so if you plan on using them regularly it’s also worth investing in a good clarifying shampoo to use every now and again, but these work, and they work quickly.

By far the most impressive of the gang is the Instant Rescue Shot. I believe this will retail at £1.50 and on my thick but medium length hair I could use each shot twice. This will make your hair feel like spun silk, so it’s amazing before an event when your hair is frazzled and needs an emergency boost. Mine had ‘press sample’ written all over it so I believe these aren’t out yet, but keep your eyes peeled! The shampoo and conditioner are great and I’ve especially loved using the deep conditioner. Finally the leave-in treatment has been lovely mixed with some oil to condition my poor ends before I dry them.

This range is definitely worth a go if you need to give your hair some TLC, and it retails from £1.50 – £5.99 and are currently in Superdrug stores but should be rolled out to more by the end of January.

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