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Another day, another experiment in the kitchen to make a healthy yet indulgent dish. These chocolate fudge bites are the perfect gourmet-tasting treat that won’t leave you feeling terrible afterwards. They are rich and satisfying so you don’t feel the need to scoff the whole lot and they have the added benefit of being vegan and completely clean ingredients-wise!


3/4 cup dried pitted dates

1 tbsp of almond butter (can be substituted for cashew or peanut butter – even coconut oil but these will change the taste)

1/2 tsp natural vanilla extract

2 tbsp cocoa powder

chopped nuts & dessicated coconut to coat

organic no-sugar  sweetener (optional – I use Sweet Freedom)

These have to be the easiest things in the world because you simply whack everything in a food processor, blend until the mixture sticks together and using clean hands roll into small balls and coat with whatever you like! Simple! Just pop them in the fridge and you’re done! These taste very rich and gourmet because of the cocoa powder but you can give them a twist with a little bit of peppermint oil or if you want to make them more milky and you’re not worried about keeping them strictly clean why not use your favourite hot chocolate mix?

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