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Like most people, I love to shop, but I like shopping even more if I know I’ve bagged myself a bargain in the process. There are certain stores I just won’t buy from full-price, but at sale time? Yes please. I’m already a seasoned online shopper when it comes to the sales because handbag-wielding warriors that will fight to the death for a discount dress terrify me. Remember this? When we are living in a world where people will stab for an Ikea sofa you know it’s a better idea to stay at home – you can even wear your slippers and have a cup of tea. I know I sound like a granny right now but I do like tea…

Anyway, when the Stuffster team got in touch to chat about their (newly launched) site, I was of course interested in the concept, which is sort of like having a butler in your bookmarks who runs around checking your favourite shop until he can say “Yo, Gemma, those shoes are down to £30 now!” but to be honest, as a blogger I get told about LOTS of new apps and websites, with their creators promising they will be the next Twitter/Instagram/Facebook/Sliced Bread etc so I wanted to have a play around with it first to see how it felt. I was impressed. It wasn’t clunky and was easy to navigate and better yet it actually worked. After chatting with the team they allowed me to go on a bit of a shopping expedition and gave me some credit to bag a bargain.

The idea is that you visit a site, and let’s say you see a pair of Toms for £35-40 like I did but you don’t want to pay that much – you’ll pay £20-25 (like me!) So you click the Stuffster plugin, set your price and you automatically get an alert when the item reaches that price. It’s like constantly going onto a site to see if something’s gone in the sale except it’s done for you for free. If that still isn’t making sense there is a video here. I snagged myself a pair of woollen Toms for £20 and they are going to be perfect for that still-chilly but sunny weather we have right now because they are a bit fuzzy inside. I also got a Longchamp Large Le Pliage tote in black, which wasn’t discounted but after weeks of watching it I just bit the bullet. It is now my everyday handbag and I love it.

You can check Stuffster out here and save some moolah in the process. Are you an online shopper or do you prefer to get down and dirty in the aisles?

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