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It’s not unusual for Illamasqua to bring out an innovative product, either in texture, design or colour, so when I saw this gel primer housed in the signature black casing, it couldn’t have been from any other brand. Dubbed a “rehydrating gel”, this is a moisturising primer, which I use for both steps. It’s not designed to provide your skin with any long term benefits, just a surge of instant hydration and smoothing to ensure makeup application is easy and extend the wear of any products you put on top of it.

I suffer from pretty dehydrated skin, but I find it really difficult when it comes to day cream and primer. I like to make sure I have a good SPF on, but although I want some moisture I want something to sink in quickly and that isn’t going to have my makeup sliding around like an oil slick. Am I the only person who doesn’t have oily skin but finds their foundation or even moisturiser makes them shiny as the day goes on? I can’t be alone here ladies!

Once I’ve got a layer of SPF on I don’t usually opt for primer, simply because it’s yet another layer on my skin, and I want my face to breathe. I may use a smoothing primer if I want to look extra specially “flawless” but normally I’m not one for primers. I was so excited to try this because it could be the answer to my prayers, but I have to admit I was pretty dubious that the gel texture would give my skin the moisture it needed without a day cream. I was wrong! This black container houses a jelly-like primer which once scooped out, will resurface itself so the next time you go to use it it will look smooth and brand new.

I do apply my SPF under this, as the Hydra Veil offers no sun protection, but I am currently using a Supergoop! SPF that dries instantly and feels just like my skin without it, so the combination of that and this primer is great. I have to be honest, I haven’t noticed a big improvement in how long my makeup lasts, but what I really like about this is what it does for my skin before the application. It doesn’t feel greasy or slimy, like silicone based primers do, but rather like water once it’s on the face. A small amount when spread goes a long way, and it feels exactly like a water and will sink in immediately, leaving no tackiness or trace behind.

It contains water, glycerin, and a form of hylauronic acid to deliver a moisture boost to the skin. If keeping makeup on all day is your goal, this might not deliver a markable difference, but in all honestly I’ve yet to find many primers that do, I tend to stick to setting sprays for that. If you want hydration without greasiness or a tacky feel, that will give smoother makeup application, this would be a great product to try, especially if it can replace two parts of your routine.

Illamasqua Hydra Veil is £27.00 here.

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