pancakes vegan easy simple 2 ingredient fluffy light

Easy Vegan Pancakes

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pancakes vegan easy simple 2 ingredient fluffy light
It’s Pancake Day! I just made the fluffiest pancakes ever and the recipe took me totally by surprise so I had to cobble together a quick post for those of you who might be interested (sorry for the low-res image, I’ll replace it soon!)

These pancakes are made of only three ingredients, and could be made using two if you were really in a bind. Magic. They are totally vegan, incredibly fluffy and airy and taste delicious with your favourite toppings on. All you need for these is self raising flour, soy milk and sparkling water. I haven’t made these without the sparkling water, and whilst that does go some way to make these so fluffy, I’m sure you could make a basic pancake without it.

Simply mix 1 cup of sifted self raising flour with 3/4 cup soy milk and 1/4 cup sparkling water to form a smooth batter. You can double, triple or quadruple this ratio to feed as many people as you need to, but the basic idea is 1 cup of flour to 1 cup of liquid, and 1/4 of that liquid is sparkling water. Super easy, and these bubble up to a deliciously light texture and flip easily.

Let me know if you make these, and let me know what your favourite pancake toppings are below! I’m partial to some maple syrup but I love good old fashioned sugar and lemon juice too!

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  • I always have lemon juice and sugar, and my mums pancakes never look like this, hers turn out thin and crispy =]

    • Gemma Tomlinson

      Yeah I like them thin too, like crepes, hard to take a good photo of them though haha so the stack it is!

      • Didnt think about that, very true

  • Monochrome Roses

    I wish I’d seen this post before I made mine today- they were such a fail 🙁 I’ll have to try these out soon,they look fab x

    • Gemma Tomlinson

      Ah, good excuse to eat pancakes again I say 🙂

  • Sophie Elizabeth Andrews

    These look awesome! This will be valentines breakfast. I’ve been vegetarian for 5 months trying to transition to vegan so will be vegan for lent (and hopefully life!). Thanks for keeping me inspired 🙂

    Did you use any oil to fry these? Xx

    • Gemma Tomlinson

      No problem! Hope you like them, and congrats for 5 months as a veggie! I didn’t actually need any oil for these, I have a good non stick pan and they were fine, but depends on the pan I would say!

      • Sophie Elizabeth Andrews

        Fab! I have a really good pan so will try without :)x

  • The Sunday Mode

    Beautiful food photography, these look really good. I think sometimes there’s nothing better than a nice batch of fluffy pancakes and if there’s minimal ingredients then that’s even better! I shockingly missed pancake day so I’m just going to have to make up for it by eating pancakes throughout the week 😉

    • Gemma Tomlinson

      Thank you! I agree, any excuse for pancakes is good!

  • Sparkling water is such an interesting ingredient (or is this just me?). I’m definitely going to make these soon. I always have a hard time flipping pancakes and break them. I just want to reach through the screen and have some of your perfectly done pancakes!! xx

  • These pancakes look sooo yummy and definitely so easy to do! I will try it these weekend and make it for my family ! Great post!!!

  • I’m always looking for new vegan pancake recipes – love that this one doesn’t contain 20 different ingredients, will definitely be giving it a go! X

  • I’m currently trying to be a vegetarian for 40 days, and I’m really starting to enjoy all the new food things I’m discovering. Vegan is a bigger step, which would be harder for me. But I’d love to try these pancakes out! 🙂

  • This recipe sounds so odd.. but I’m intrigued. Pancakes tomorrow!

  • Somia

    I love pancakes! and i am gonna try this too soon. Thanks for sharing.