DIY Vegan Easter Egg

DIY Vegan Easter Egg

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DIY Vegan Easter EggDIY Vegan Easter EggDIY Vegan Easter EggEaster is upon is and the supermarket aisles are filled with chocolate eggs! Whilst there are vegan offerings to be had there’s no denying that the cruelty free options are often lumped together with the food intolerance/free from offerings. It’s wonderful that these exist but I can’t help feel like the packaging and effort doesn’t compare to the mainstream Easter Eggs with their free toys, branded merchandise and bright colours. There seems to be a gap in the market between supermarket own brand ‘free from’ and luxury adult dark chocolate eggs, so what the shops lack, I like to make myself! If you have dairy-free children, vegan children or are an adult who just loves chocolate like me, this is a fun DIY that can be endlessly customised and is pretty easy all in all.

This is the first of 3 DIY vegan Easter treats I’ll be bringing your way this weekend, so keep your eyes out for a caramel egg and a creme egg! To make this egg I purchased a mould on eBay which arrived very quickly, so I would highly recommend this¬†seller. Have fun and happy egg making!

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  • Floral-Etiquette

    this is such a cool idea!!

  • This looks amazing! I couldn’t eat dairy as a kid and the “free from” options back then were even worse! x

  • This looks so incredible – and the bunny wrapping is the cutest thing! I for sure cannot wait to tuck into the easter eggs this year! Great post lovely!

    Zoe |