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The latter part of this week has been dedicated to revamping my beauty storage and just rearranging my bedroom in general. I promised a post on my dressing table/vanity setup a while ago, and I know, feel free to slap me on the wrist, I haven’t done it yet. The truth is I was head over heels in love with my dressing table, just not my setup. Living in London means you often have to compromise on lots of things, pets, a balcony/garden, and space being the three things I’m always longing for. I told myself I could cram all my makeup into my dressing table and my groaning Ikea Helmer, but the truth is, I couldn’t. Despite regularly weeding out products and gathering boxes of makeup to give to charity, the job I do means new beauty products are landing on my doormat every day and I need to man up and get the kind of storage befitting of a beauty junkie. I caved. I bought the Ikea Alex. I’ll talk more about that and my dressing table in an upcoming post and video (did someone say makeup collection and storage?) but for now it means my dressing table is finally clear and looking beautiful like it was always meant to.

Yesterday I got busy with the bleach and kettle (bear with me here people) and cleaned out some candle holders to store my cotton buds/q-tips and cotton pads. I know clearing out a Diptyque candle jar is THE blogger thing to do and whilst I do love the way they look the only empty one I have is a Christmas candle that doesn’t quite fit with my white dressing table. I did however have two candles laying around that I think are perfect, and they were quite the steal. I love burning good quality candles like NEOM and Diptyque but I also supplement them with cheaper candles that don’t last as long as I love lighting a few at the same time. My first port of call for inexpensive candles is the 99p store, they have some amazing scents in cute jars and these two were white linen ones that smelled amazing. The jars aren’t branded so you can re-use them afterwards as tealight holders, for hair grips or even put them to use in the kitchen and make small desserts in them for dinner parties or put olives and nuts in them the next time you have guests – the possibilities are endless ladies and gents! I decided to use them for storage and I often get questions about the best way of cleaning out candles that still have some wax in them – there are a few methods, the freezer, or warming the wax up, but I’ve found a quicker and easier way so here’s my foolproof, cheap method that gave me these storage jars for less than £2:


You’ll need bleach, your jars, some paper towels and a kettle.

1. Add a generous squirt of bleach to your candle jar, not too much, but a squirt that covers the wax is adequate. 

2. Boil the kettle and fill the candle jars up with water, diluting the bleach. You want to fill this up but leave a little room on the top since we’re going to be walking somewhere with these and you don’t want to be leaving a trail of bleachy water behind you.

3. Leave for 5-10 minutes depending on the type of wax your candle is made from. You’ll know when it’s done because ta-dah, as if by magic your candle wax residues will be melted and the water will start to look like it has oil in it. At this point, tip it out either outside or down the toilet (normally mine have the tiniest amount of wax in them but obviously don’t go pouring huge amounts of wax down your sink or toilet and blocking up your drains!)

4. Once empty, rinse out your jar and wipe it down with a paper towel, removing all traces of soot and wax and you’re done!

This really is so easy but I find it much easier and quicker than other methods out there and it’s worked like a charm every time for me. I love using old candle jars for different purposes afterwards as I feel so wasteful throwing anything glass or sturdy away. What are your favourite things to do with candle jars?

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