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I’m slowly but surely conquering my list of things in the house that bother me. After taking my foot off the gas for a bit and living in a half-done home, I’m back with renewed determination to finish things off. One important aspect of this is my workspace – on one hand I have a lovely light, roomy loft to work in and also film my YouTube videos and on the other hand that workspace is currently cluttered as all hell. It will be perfect when it’s finished but of course when you convert a loft you also lose lots of valuable storage space. The loft is that magical place to shove things like Christmas decorations, suitcases and VHS tapes you can’t quite bring yourself to get rid of but when it’s reduced to a tiny strip of storage things get messy! We moved from London in a complete rush and didn’t have time to properly declutter our belongings or even pack strategically really, on top of that my parents sold my childhood home and moved overseas whilst we didn’t have a house yet so there really was (and still is) a lot of stuff to sort. Old school reports, brownie uniforms, textbooks and cuddly toys that all need to be filed through as well as our candles, kitchen stuff and decor items from London. Let’s just say the loft was full.

I set up my desk in a corner but I felt really hemmed in and restricted by the boxes and clutter up there. We are ¬†chipping away at it on weekends but it takes time, and organisation to get through it all when each box is crammed with so much stuff, not to mention that each box holds so many memories for either myself or Matt that we end up swapping stories and reminiscing! Since this area was meant to be for filming videos, I knew I had to clear some more space around my desk especially with the lenses I use, I have to sit really far away! We spend a good weekend in here and I finally got my desk set up the way I want it! It’s still very much a work in progress and once it’s finished I will do a complete tour as well as showing you each thing in more detail but here’s a sneak peek! I got a lot of questions on the screensaver – it’s called Fliqlo and you can download it here.

If you could work from anywhere where would it be?