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I have a lot of costume jewellery (I’m all about that Primark statement necklace life) but there’s also a few key “pieces” (I feel all fancy when I say that) in my life that are worn pretty much every day. You might have seen these popping up in videos and I quite often get questions about my watch or rings, so I thought I would share them with you. Honestly, I’ve never been that much of a jewellery person, especially growing up. I wasn’t a rhinestone kind of gal and I focused more on band tees than investment pieces, but I did always like watches. My Dad sometimes used to work away and when he did he always brought me back a Swatch, some of them limited edition and to this day I will always feel naked without one. When I passed my GCSE’s my parents gave me the option of getting money to spend over the summer or getting a nice watch and I chose the watch, I got a slim Gucci one that I wear now to more formal settings when a chunky watch just isn’t going to look right, although as I’ve grown up I’ve gone more and more towards mens styles – I blame the Olsen twins with their vintage Rolex numbers.

Anyway, this isn’t a watch post although I may do one of those at some point – here’s my current jewellery rotation:

Black leather bracelet – Pandora 

I really like the simplicity of this, like a grown up version of a leather bracelet you’d get on holiday. I pretty much always have this on and I’ve had it for over five years now and it still looks brand new.

Rose Gold Runway Chronograph Watch – Michael Kors

This was a gift from my parents and I’d been lusting after it forever. It still looks great and I wear it pretty much every day and night. I love the rose gold and I think this is easily able to transition from day to night and looks amazing with pretty much anything! Love love love.

Rose Gold Taupe & Copper Friendship Bracelet – Links of London

This is a new addition to my accessories but I have already had so many compliments on it because the threads really catch the light and peoples eye! This is my first Links of London piece and I really like it, it goes really nicely with my watch too!

Hammered Gold Initial Disc Necklace  – Hibiscusdays (Etsy)

I had been looking for a delicate necklace I could wear every day for ages, and I came across this one on Etsy which was reasonably priced and pretty. I went for the hammered finish and got a G & M for me and Matt (all together now…awhhhh) I’ve been wearing it most days and love how it looks with a tan, it just sits at a nice length and is perfect. I got an 18 inch chain after much deliberation but it is the perfect length for me.

Silver Charm Bracelet – Pandora

I actually really really like how this looks alone as a plain silver round bracelet, which might sound silly but I do! I like that it’s customisable and so if my tastes change I can just switch it up. I used to wear only silver jewellery but now I love gold too, and rose gold but I still wear this because I really like mixing metals. I don’t think in 2014 that there are really rules when it comes to what items you can wear together and I really like the way different tones look together. As you can see there’s pretty much an exclusively pastel theme here because that’s just how I roll! The initial bracelet and most of the charms were gifts from my parents and other family members or friends, and I haven’t added to it in a while so I know what website I will be spending the evening on…

Yellow Gold Star Earrings – gift

When I was younger I could wear any earrings I damn well wanted, but as I’ve got older my right ear in particular has become a bit of a snob. I have loads of earrings but I really wanted some nice quality studs to wear on a daily basis and so this year for my birthday my parents got these for me. I don’t know where they are from but I’m sure there are lots of similar ones on Etsy, they are the perfect size and look delicate and polished but the star shape is fun and cute. I love them and so do my fussy ears!

Rose Gold Bow Earrings – Kate Spade

When Estée was in Texas she texted me to see if there was anything I wanted from Kate Spade as they were running discounts. I’d had my eye on these bow earrings and the ring for a while and faced with a discount and also US prices I asked her to pick them up for me but she texted back to say they didn’t have those in stock. I forgot about it and then she sneakily bought them for me for my birthday! It was such a nice surprise and very kind, they are very cute and bigger than the everyday studs so I wear them with more plain outfits to jazz myself up!

Rose Gold Bow Ring (top) – Kate Spade

Another birthday gift from Estée, I love this! I went for a larger size and I wear it on my middle finger along with other rings, I don’t have many rings that fit other fingers as I always size them to my ring finger so it’s nice to be able to wear this alongside other things. It’s really pretty and I get so many compliments on it.

Heart Diamond Ring (middle) – gift

This is actually the first eternity ring my Dad ever got for my Mum. My Mum definitely has more of an eye for bling than me, if she’d got the Michael Kors it would be covered in rhinestones, but my taste is a little more simple and when my parents saw me looking for an everyday ring online my Dad dug this out and told me he would love me to have it if I liked. It is really pretty but over the years as my parents have worked their way up the eternity rings got a little more bling, so it was sat in a drawer and I was happy to give it a new home. It catches the light nicely and I can’t wait to get some stacking rings to wear alongside it. My Mum and Dad are such a lovely couple and a big part of my life so it’s quite symbolic too! I love it.

Frank Gehry Torque Micro Ring – Tiffany & Co

For some reason I can’t find this anywhere on the Tiffany website, and I presume they don’t make it anymore. It was a collaboration with architect Frank Gehry and all of the pieces were structured and had very clean lines. At the time I just liked the simplicity and didn’t realise it wouldn’t be a permanent thing. It’s a pretty cute and simple piece but I feel like the square shape makes it unique and interesting. I can’t see that collection on their website any more but you could probably buy this on eBay.

Circle Necklace – gift

This was a gift from my lovely friend Caroline, and it’s another really delicate but chic piece that adds something to an outfit without being over the top. Like the disc necklace, I really love the way this looks with a tan when it catches the light!

Eco-Drive AML Watch – Citizen

This is my newest watch addition and I absolutely love it because it’s got such a different look to my Michael Kors so it adds some variety. I love black watches but a lot of the time they look too casual to be worn all the time, this however is really smart still and it has the rose gold face that I love. The whole Eco-Drive range is solar powered too! Really enjoying wearing this.

So there we have my everyday jewellery! Do you have things you wear on a daily basis? If you have any recommendations for independent jewellers or Etsy shops leave them below! I’m trying something new and if you hover over the photo below you can actually click items and find out there to purchase them. Experiments!

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