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I am utterly obsessed with watching “What I Eat In A Day” videos on YouTube – I watch them all: meat eaters, veggies, vegans and raw foodies. There’s something so fascinating about what other people choose to eat and I find so many tips, recipes and ideas from these kinds of videos that I decided to make my own. As you will know from this post I am vegetarian, but I’ve also recently cut out dairy in a bid to help my PCOS. I can talk more on that in another post, but for now I thought I would share what I’m eating to try and beat the PCOS for good.

I feel a little exposed, I’m not going to lie! Sharing everything you eat in a day leaves you open to people picking apart your diet (there’s always something we’re not supposed to eat right?) and I’m sure I will film days where I don’t eat so healthily, keeping it real! I hope you enjoy, and this is my first video with a real commentary so you can see the transcript box I promised in action, hope you like it!


It’s 7.45 AM right now…I’m having a cup of tea with soya milk and then we’re gonna go for a walk!

So we just got back from our walk, we had such a nice little walk, I’m going to to make some oatmeal and I have half a cup of oats, these are the oats I use, Irish oats. I think I’m going to do mango, coconut – this is dried coconut, I always save pasta jars to put things in and to make my own sauces too it’s really handy. I’m going to use Almond milk for with it.

I just made the oats with almond milk and then I’ve got banana, half a mango and some coconut. I’ve got my coffee but it’s been sitting there for a couple of minutes so all the lovely ‘crema’ on the top has gone, annoyingly! I’m trying to drink more water, I’m horrible at drinking water during the day, I can drink tea no problem but I’m bad at drinking water so I have this big Kilner jar full of water. Don’t mind my hand! Thats from Maddie when we play she nips my hand – it looks awful! Yeah, so I’ve got some lemon in there and I have to drink all of this I’m telling myself cause I’m just bad at drinking water!

Hi guys, so I’m changed now and out of my gym clothes. I took Maddie for another walk earlier and then I came home and made myself some lunch, and I made a big bowl of deliciousness. I started out with some crispy salad leaves and I added in some extra spinach too ’cause I always like adding spinach to my salads. I roasted a red pepper and half a red onion.(bark) Maddie’s crying because she thinks I’m not here! Maddie! I’m here! I had some spinach and pine nut balls, I get them from Costo in a huge pack – they are spinach and pine nut, they are vegan and vegetarian and they are by the Real Food Co, if you want to look for them in shops. I bought this sundried tomato cous cous from Asda so I had some of that, I had some pimiento stuffed olives and then I made some homemade hummus so I had some of that on there too. It was absolutely delicious. I’ve also been watering my vegetables. I got myself a little greenhouse from Aldi, total bargain! We don’t have a garden just a yard but I’m excited to eat the vegetables that I’ve grown myself!

So I made paella, yeah, I’ve got peppers, onion, I’m holding this with my left hand, I’m holding the camera with my right hand and so I’m like “agh what do I do?” haha. So yeah, I’ve got peppers…red pepper, green pepper, white onion, red onion, green beans and peas as well.

So I really enjoyed filming this video, let me know if you want to see more of these “What I Eat In A Day” videos – I might do them more frequently. I’m completely obsessed with watching these kinds of videos I watch about five a day, I don’t know what it is about them that I find so intriguing! I’ve been vegetarian for what, 20 years now? I wrote a blog post about how and why I became vegetarian which I will link below. I’ve been eating plant based, I say plant based, I know people get really upset if you say vegan, some people prefer for you to say plant based but that’s not always what people like, search for on YouTube so I’ve put vegan as well, I don’t want to offend anybody. I have PCOS, and I…well I’ve kind of always known but recently I’m like right, I need to cut the dairy out. Dairy is really inflammatory for PCOS, PCOS is an inflammatory thing anyway, and I really want to get my PCOS under control I’m constantly trying to do things to get it under control. So I’ve not had any dairy now for about six weeks, and I feel actually really really good for it. I’ve definitely not missed it at all and I’ve really been enjoying cooking vegan meals or plant based meals. So like I said let me know in the comments below if you’d like to see more of these, what your thoughts are. Thanks so much for watching and I will see you very soon. Bye!

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