Home Haul H&M Homesense Ella Masters Hello Gemma House to Home

Home Haul – H&M & Homesense

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Home Haul H&M Homesense Ella Masters Hello Gemma House to Home

You can’t hold me back when it comes to home items, it’s my favourite kind of shopping to do! I’ve been stalking the H&M Home site for months now trying to get all the items I wanted at once (things sell out fast) but finally the stars aligned and they were all back in stock at the same time. H&M have a fantastic home department, my only complaint is that you can only buy it in person in a handful of London locations – please H&M give Manchester a home department and I will love you eternally!

There’s a whole bunch of marble, copper and pastel goodness in here as well as a couple of things I picked up at Homesense and some prints I ordered from the very talented Ella Masters. You can check the video out below and the audio description is below for those of you who use it – enjoy!


Hi guys! I hope that you’re all okay, today I’ve got a haul for you and it’s a load of home stuff that I’ve been collecting together from various different places. Was that jingle at the beginning of this video a total blast from the past or what? I realised that on the last home haul I did, and home update, I didn’t use the House to Home thing, I don’t know why! Ah, memories, it reminds me of when we first got the house and we were doing all the structural stuff to it…well we weren’t doing it but you know what I mean..it reminded me of that time, when we were looking for a house, so yeah…

I’m gonna start off with Homesense because I only got two things from Homesense. I got this, which is like a vase or a terrarium, I’m going to use it as a terrarium, I’m gonna put some cacti in there, maybe some succulents. It’s got copper trim which I love, and also that geometic-y shape to it which again, I love. Yeah, I’m looking forward to putting that on my coffee table in the living room.

The next thing from Homesense is actually heavy! It’s a gift from my Mum – I went into Homesense with her because she came over from Gran Canaria to visit for a little bit, and we went into Homesense (obviously!) I saw this, and I was like “I can’t justify it I have so many kitchen things” but she got it for me as a gift which was very kind of her. The one deal she made with me is that I have to make her a meal in it, so I’m gonna do that! It’s kind of like a casserole dish, it’s white and it’s got fluted edges almost, and a gold trim around it as well. My Mum & Dad had a dinner service that they passed down to me, and it’s white with a gold trim. Very simple, very classic and I really like it. This kind of matches that so she thought it was perfect.

I love these prints, these are by Ella Masters, I follow her on Twitter and Instagram and I love her stuff so I’ll link her website below if you want to check it out. I picked up some of these prints, she was having a sale and I picked up a few, then she put a free one in as well which is really cook. So the first one I got is this print, it’s floral and says ‘make shit happen’ – I really like that for on my office wall, I have not finished this wall, a lot of you were asking to see it and the home stuff that I’ve shared is on my Instagram, and I’m going to be doing some home update blog posts. I’m going to be totally honest with you guys, renovating a house totally, from structural to decor – it takes a lot of money and it takes a lot of time. I don’t have unlimited funds so I’m saving up for things and that’s why there haven’t been any more before and after videos. I’m saving up for really nice pieces that I know I’ll love for years to come and that takes time to save up for. I will do some updates, in my mind I wanted the before and after videos to be totally finished and totally perfect. Things are not exactly as I want them to be, but I think I just need to swallow my pride and share an update with you, and just realise that it’s never going to be finished in my eyes!

This wall runs the entire length of the house and I’ve got my half where I film, my office space. The other half of this loft is a complete mess and full of furniture that we are selling, and furniture we need to get rid of because obviously this loft was the whole storage for the house and we have kind of lost that. Well, we didn’t lose it but you know what I mean, it’s not a storage space – most people can just throw their junk in the loft and we can’t really do that now…well we do it’s just all over there, haha. I want to continue this wall over on to Matt’s side and put some of Matt’s band posters up, his Nottingham Forest signed shirt. I want to finish it off and once it’s finished I will do an update on this office space. At the moment it’s only my side that’s remotely acceptable.

That was a really long-winded way of talking about these, but I thought this would look nice behind me on this wall! I got this one which says long live the dreamers, I love the simplicity of this, I’m planning on putting it above our bed, on the picture rail. The next one again is for this office, or maybe the kitchen and it says live what you love, with this pretty print behind it. Another one, when life hands you lemons, make lemonade, I really like that. I wish my handwriting looked like that! And then the one that she put in there for me which I really love as well, says hope floats, in a tattoo style. So I love those and I will put Ella’s website below. She hasn’t got the sale on at the minute but her prints are still really reasonable I would recommend them, they’re great quality.

So the rest of the things are from H&M Home and I’ve been waiting for so long for all of this stuff to be in stock and it was finally all in stock at the same time and I managed to place my order.So, I duplicated some things and I’ll explain why. The first thing I got is this really pretty copper photo frame on a chain, it’s really unusual, I think it looks quite cool with the gap around the edge if you put a smaller postcard or print in there, or you could put something in there to fill it up but I really like this and I want to put this on our stairs. The stairs look horrendous at the minute because there’s no carpet on there. When we got our puppy we decided to put the money into the garden, and do the garden whilst the weather is nice. It kind of coincided with getting a puppy because she’s still having a few accidents, it seemed silly to carpet an area with a brand new carpet when you’ve got a puppy who is kind of peeing everywhere! TMI? Maybe? But yeah! The stairs are still a work in progress but I want to do a gallery wall going up them. I want to do mainly white frames, but I like these copper details for in between.

Another piece I got to go on the gallery wall is this, it’s an oval mirror. It looks like it’s on a chain but it’s not malleable, it’s…what am I trying to say? Haha it’s rigid! You can see my camera and my light, hi! But I really like this and I think it will look really nice going up the stairs in between some other prints. The next thing I got is a chopping board. This is actually a lot smaller than I thought it would be but I really like it. It’s nice to serve things on when you have guests. It’s a ceramic chopping board that is marble effect, so it’s not actually marble. I’m really into marble at the moment – I know it’s a blogger cliché *dog whines* Sorry about that! I had to go and look after this little one as she’s not feeling very well, she’s been a bit sick It’s a shame, I think she’s just eaten something in the garden as puppies do!

Ok she’s in bed relaxing now and I’m back! Where was I..blogger clichés and marble. I know, you like what you like, I can’t help it, so this will be nice to serve tapas on for all those parties I don’t have. I always say to Matt, ‘this will be great for a party’ and he’s like ‘Gemma, we never have parties’ – it’s true, we don’t have any parties haha.

Also on a marble theme I got these two. They were listed as marble mugs, I’m going to use one of them on my desk or on my dressing table. Again, they’re ceramic that look like marble and you could use these as mugs. There’s nothing to stop you other than the fact that they don’t have a handle, but I have mugs like that for green tea! Drinky drinky you could totally use these. I am going to use them as storage as well, I’ve not decided where I’m going to put those.

The next thing I got I’m actually really bummed out about because it came broken. I’m going to call H&M as soon as I finish this, it’s this glass dome with an antiqued gold bottom. I really wanted to put a candle in here for in my living room but it has this big crack in there, hope you can see that crack!

I got two cushion covers, I’m so fussy with cushion covers, I can never really find ones that I love, there’s always something I would change about them. At the moment we have a black and white thing going on, you might have seen this photo on Instagram, I really wanted to brighten it up a little bit for summer, so I will reuse those elsewhere in the house, and for spring/summer I got some brighter cushion covers. I’ve always had one cushion in the middle and then them symmetrical either side and I kind of want to do something a little more messy! I got this one, which is a salmon-y pinky colour with a white pattern on it, they are 40×40 and I’m going to have all different sizes which I think will look nice. Then I got this one, which is a grey marl, also 40×40, and I really like that.

The last two marble things, I promise. I got these two plates, they’re ceramic plates and I really want the smaller one as well but it’s never in stock. I got one for blog photography because it’s nice to have different textures, and to put that on my desk or something. I got another one for in the kitchen to go with the chopping board, so they match, for all those parties I don’t have!

The last thing I got, again from H&M is this set of trays. I really like this because they’re really similar to a lot of other things I’ve seen but way more affordable. You get a set of three trays, they’re metal but coated metal. The first one you get is a white one, and then you get a lilac colour and a yellow one as well. You can have them like this, or apart. At the moment we have a copper one on the coffee table but I’m going to use that elsewhere in the house and I think these will go nicely with the springtime cushions.

I hope you liked this video, check out my Instagram if you want to see some pictures of the house I will be posting some on there, and I will do some blog posts with some updated things and some video updates. Our yard is going to be done within the month and I’m SO excited. That will be a huge difference. I haven’t shown you what it looks like yet but I will take some before pictures because it’s honestly post-apocalyptic the way it looks now, and it should be all decked and nice with plants growing in there. Really excited to get that done now the weather is warming up a bit. So yeah, thanks for watching, I’ll link everything I can find in the video description, thanks for watching and I will see you soon with another video. Thanks guys!

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