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Too Faced Born This Way Foundation

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too faced born this way foundation review uk blogger before after hellogemma hello gemma gemsmaquillage

In all my time wearing makeup (and posting selfies, let’s be real) I don’t think I’ve ever been asked ‘What’s on your face?!’ as much as I have recently. I’ve had a lot of compliments both online in photos, videos and let’s face it unflattering Snapchats (follow me – omghellogemma, I’m newly converted and obsessed) as well as in person. Quite frankly there is only one product to thank, and it’s the new foundation from Too Faced.

I’ve seen a lot of hype about this from US Vloggers and where there’s hype, disappointment usually follows. In this case however the hype paid off for me and I’ve found a new foundation love that I will probably use for years to come. With a medium-buildable coverage there’s no need to layer lots of products on your face to achieve a flawless base, in the photos below I am only wearing concealer under my eyes, so in all other areas the redness from the before image is totally covered and masked by the foundation.

Whilst it has great coverage, it feels lightweight and breathable on the skin and can be built up, so I’ve managed to pull off a barely there makeup look by dabbing half a pump all over my face and blending out with a sponge (my favourite way to apply this foundation) and also a full face of makeup that could be worn on an evening out. I love the versatility this gives and the fact that I don’t need two separate bases to cover all my needs, even when built up this doesn’t overwhelm my skin and feel tight or heavy.


My skin on the whole is quite dehydrated, and I don’t find any issues with this base exaggerating that – I don’t suffer from dry patches however so I can’t really comment on it’s performance in that regard. The foundation sets down to what is best described as a satin finish, it’s not overly matte and has some sheen to it which gives your skin a lovely healthy look, but it isn’t so dewy that it needs setting or slides around, at least on my skin. I’ve found that this lasts surprisingly well on me, and on busier days I will add a little translucent powder to help it along.

As I mentioned, my favourite application method has to be the Beauty Blender, it really works any foundation into the skin in a very natural way but it is extra helpful with this base, they seem to be made for each other! I’ve also enjoyed pairing this with a glowy liquid highlighter used underneath as a primer for a really dewy yet non-oily look with lots of bronzer.

too faced born this way foundation gemma hello hellogemma blogger vlogger review before after

If you’re looking for a new foundation that will really be an all-rounder I would highly recommend this, it’s versatile, flattering and natural whilst giving you the coverage you might be looking for – I’m a fan!

I wear the shade Vanilla, and you can Born This Way here for £29.00


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