Vegan Food Prep

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Vegan Food Prep

One of the questions I get most often on my YouTube channel is “How do you find the time to cook?” – We all have things we enjoy doing and for me cooking is a less a chore and more a relaxing hobby. I love it, so I will always prioritise a bit of time to experiment and try new methods. I am however well aware that not everyone feels the way I do, and that even if they do their schedule often doesn’t allow for much time in the kitchen. Plant based food has a reputation for being particularly difficult but vegan food prep can be easy, quick and delicious, and I want to show you how.

Even though I work from home and don’t have to pack a lunch, it still doesn’t mean I can or want to cook intricate meals all day. I still have work to complete, so for busier weeks meal prepping is really a godsend. A bit of time spent in the kitchen on Sundays can set you up for the coming days, and it doesn’t have to be boring. There are some staple things I always make, like hummus that can quickly go inside a wrap with salad or falafel, rice or quinoa that can be heated up alongside chili or curry from the freezer, and roasted vegetables that can be eaten as a snack, side dish or stuffed into a quick plant based lasagne.

In this video I wanted to show how versatile food prep can be. You don’t need to plan every single meal, instead I like to create building blocks that will enable me to put dishes together quickly. The BBQ pulled chicken goes perfectly with the black bean quinoa to stuff a burrito, the pesto pasta salad is the perfect “I’m STARVING, what’s in the fridge” food to grab, the satay noodles can be quickly heated and served with the duck salad and the chicken soup is always there when you need a hearty, warming bowl of comfort food.

One of my favourite things about food prepping this way is that your fridge always feels like you just had people over for a buffet and you got to keep all the delicious leftovers. Surely I’m not the only one who loves the meals that result from that? These are just some of the exciting, easy and tasty plant based meals you can prep for the week ahead, I hope you like the ideas, and I will definitely share more like this if you find this helpful. Happy food prepping!