Five Good Things

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Five Good Things

I wanted to start up a little series that I’ve seen floating around some blogs I love – Five Good Things. It can sometimes feel like the world is a merciless, bleak place, particularly if like me you stayed up way too late last night watching the US presidential debate (I’m with her, bloody hell) or you get sucked into the endless news cycles we seem to favour these days. Truth be told, I’m someone who finds joy in the little things. It doesn’t take much to make me happy, and the simple things in life can really make my day, so I thought it would be nice to share five of them with you in the name of positivity.

1. Autumn Days

Autumn Days

Nature is killing it right now, you have to admit. Whilst the shorter days put the kibosh on the balmy late evening strolls in the park Matt and I enjoyed in summer, we get to enjoy these beautiful colours in the limited daylight hours. The rust coloured leaves that fly away in the breeze give everything a golden hue, it’s chilly enough to feel cosy but not bitter, and evening dog walking duties somehow look like they’ve been given their very own Instagram filter.

2. Seasonal Decor


Any excuse to make the house feel cosy is fine by me. I’m really trying to buy and own less stuff right now, and whilst I’ll never be a minimalist I don’t feel the need to buy 1001 autumn inspired homeware pieces that will only see the light of day a few weeks per year. Instead of buying decor pieces I dug out the cinnamon stick tea light holder I made last Christmas in this video, and used fairy lights and mini pumpkins/squash to add a festive feel to the living room. When you really think about it, putting vegetables in your living room is a bit odd, but hey, it works, and when you’re done with them you can make a tasty soup so you’re not left with clutter.

3. A Good Book


I’ve been in a bit of a creative rut recently, as you may have noticed. I make a lot of things that never see the light of day because I overthink them, and deem them not good enough. It’s one of my worst traits and I really want to overcome the fear I’ve developed around releasing projects out into the world. I was recommended this book by Elizabeth Gilbert and I don’t want to be that person who says “it spoke to me!” but really, it kind of spoke to me. For me the last couple of years on this blog and on my YouTube channel have been full of confusion with regards to the direction I want to take them in, I pick things apart to the point that it’s safer not to show anyone because that way you never have to face any criticism. It’s no way to live though, especially if you enjoy creating, and this book has really reminded me how fearless I was when I first started making online content.

4. New Candles

autumn5 autumn6

I’m a bit of a candle junkie, particularly at this time of year when I find myself on a mission to find peak cosy. Right now I’m really into these new ones by The Body Shop. They are part of the Spa of the World collection and smell amazing. I love the simple, minimal design and they burn really cleanly. Mediterranean Sea Salt is hanging out in the bathroom right now and Hawaiian Kukui is loving life in the bedroom. If you pass by a store you need to give these a whiff, or you can find them online here.

5. New Bedding


It really is the little things. New bedding makes me feel like I’m staying in a hotel, which, as I type this out I realise is a bit sad. Hey, you have to get your kicks somehow. I got rid of some worn out bedding sets the other week, and headed to Mecca (Homesense) to find some new sheets. I love crisp, white sheets and if that’s your thing Homesense always delivers. These were a bargain and are silky soft. I love the tiny pattern detail, interesting without being too busy. Wow, I’m really writing a whole paragraph about sheets huh? Really though, tell me you don’t love a bath and new sheets. Yeah, thought so.

Writing this really made me focus on the positives in life. Cheesy I know, but it’s true. Leave me your own Five Good Things in the comments below, I’d love to hear them.